Remember the "OMG NEW STAR TREK" versus "Star Trek is on the trash heap of history" rumor debate flying back and forth a few months ago? Suggestions on the possible plot of a theoretical new Trek movie flew fast and loose, and denials of particular plots, new movies in general, and the entire existence of the Star Trek franchise came almost as quickly. Eventually the dust settled and we learned, well, mostly that the people in charge just aren't sure they feel comfortable with a new Trek flick. And so the hopes of many a dedicated fan were dashed.

As it turns out, a pretty solid plan was in place for a new Star Trek installment, according to its writer Erik Jendresen. Jendresen has recently said he did indeed complete a draft of a film called Star Trek: The Beginning, which would "take place between the end of the series and the original adventures. He says the idea was being positioned for a possible trilogy, and would in some large part center around the Romulan Wars from Trek mythology." However, a power shift at Paramount apparently left the project without many supporters, and it now dwells in the land of the unknown.

[via cinescape]
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