Theater chains looking to enhance the overall movie-going experience may want to follow in Japan's footsteps and bring back Smell-O-Vision. That's right folks, seven different distinct smells will accompany Terrence Malick'sThe New World when it's released in Tokyo next month. Since Colin Farrell stars in the film, does this mean audiences will have to endure the stench of cheap sex and cigarettes for a couple of hours?  Actually, no -- that smell is being reserved for Miami Vice.

Created by NTT Communications Corp., this version of Smell-O-Vision will not just match scents up to certain scenes. Instead, it is hoping to tap into the emotion of a scene by releasing a pleasant fragrance throughout the theater. For example: If it's a love scene, then a floral scent will roam about. In a sad scene, the smell of peppermint and rosemary will take over. Oh, and every time Colin Farrell is on screen, the smell of hot will engulf all females present. Guys, start growing a goatee.

The same company is also producing a $680 dollar home version of the scent system that can be synchronized with DVDs. Um, why would I pay that much money for something like that when I can simply spray some air freshener and get the same exact result for, like, three bucks? Do you ever think that Smell-O-Vision would fly here in the States? Better yet, throughout the world? If not, why?


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