Ok, this is awesome -- TBS just officially became my favorite TV network (as long as that doesn't mean I have to watch all 403 Friends reruns every day). Instead of reminding us that they're celebrating Easter by flooding the network with hobbits with traditional, incredibly boring TV spots, they instead put together six ads that gently mock the series, in the style of those crazy fake trailers the kids are so into these days.

Not surprisingly, by far the best is the one entitled secret lovers: as you might expect, it's about Sam and Frodo, and their less-than-hidden passion. What makes it great, however, is the combination of the soundtrack (That's right, they bust out some Atlantic Starr) and Gandalf, rolling his eyes in disgust at the hobbity love. So, so fantastic. Slightly less alluring, meanwhile, is white horse, which features Gandalf rapping, and dancing in a way that's deeply unsettling. But wait, there's more!

Jeez, these are so good they almost make me want to watch the movies.

[via Kottke]