Way back in my college days, before I was 100% sure that I loved each and every musical ever made, I saw On the Town in a class (Yeah, I went to a pretty awesome college.) and was sold on the genre forever. I mean, hello -- it's Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra in sailor suits. Again! And Frank is in love with a bossy lady cabbie? And there's actually a character called Miss Turnstiles? Plus, New York, New York is a fantastic song. What's not to love? Sadly, today, for the first time, I found something to hate.

Sky News is reporting that Christian Slater's success in a musical (thanks to the commentors for correcting this -- reassuringly, my source was wrong on the "musical" detail), stage version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest(Yeah, the world was crying out for that one.) has led to talks about him starring in an On the Town remake. Could someone please shoot me when that happens? Because, even if Hugh Jackman IS in it (that's part of the rumor, along with -- choke -- John Travolta, who would doubtless put on his "I'm so adorably goofy!" hat and play Ozzie), that's something I never, ever want to see. The mere thought makes me a little queasy.
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