Earlier this month, Scott told us how Robert Rodriguez's half of Grind House had its production shut down. Depending on whom you speak to, this was due to either budget concerns or an art exhibit (I'm hoping the latter seeing as that one would just be so ego-tastic.)

Well now, Bloody Disgusting reports that Rodriguez has definitely canceled production and, even if he resumes at a later point, it won't be till at least next year. Official word is said to be coming soon. No one knows where this leaves Tarantino'sDeath Proof, but folks are alluding to a possible Kill Bill scenario in which the two films will come in a part 1 and part 2 type of format. The film was supposed to be released on December 1, but now all we can do is play the waiting game to see if and when that release actually happens. Man, I was so looking forward to these films. This just sucks.


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