Several years ago I stepped into a local "mom & pop-owned" bookstore, on the hunt for a new horror novel to read. (I read horror novels like most people eat fast food.) The first thing I saw was a really big display full of paperbacks called MEG, and attached to the display was a hand-written sign that read: "Local author Steve Alten's smash sensation!" Now, I'm all about supporting my Philadelphia brethren, but it wasn't the sign (or the fact that Steve and I graduated from the same high school) that commanded my attention.

It was the massive prehistoric shark that caught my eye. (Yes, just like the one seen in the above pic, which is a piece of MEG pre-production concept art that recently surfaced at

MEG is short for Megalodon, and a Megalodon is a giant shark that could swallow a boat without even bothering to use its teeth. Obviously I dropped the eight bucks on the novel, read the thing in less than a week, and then loaned it out to some friends. (A few years later I was happy to pick up Alten's MEG sequels, The Trench and Primal Waters.) Since I'm nothing if not a ravenous geek, especially when giant prehistoric sharks are involved, I read all three novels with a cinematic eye, occasionally thinking things like "oooh, that'd make for a great action scene" or "hmm, I wonder what actor would play this character..."
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