Mark Ecko, everybody's favorite graffiti artist turned fashion designer, added video games to his resume in February, when Atari released his Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. The game revolves around a character named Trane, who is trying to build a reputation by spreading his tag all over a fictional city -- that's right, it's a graffiti game. Trane faces various obstacles, including rival taggers and cops (there's a good review of the game here), and MTV and Paramount have decided that's enough of a story to build a movie around. They've hired Sean O'Keefe and Will Staples to write the screenplay; no word yet on a director or cast, or just how high of a priority this is for the studios. One would think, though, that if they want to tap into the game's popularity, the movie would have to come fairly soon.

In other game-related news, the debut of Open Season this fall will be preceded by the released of a game based on the movie, the first of many planned joint ventures by Ubisoft and Sony, who signed a licensing agreement over a year ago. If this approach takes off, just imagine what the future holds -- hands up, who wants a Marie-Antoinette game?