Today in the podcast: news on the tax incentive exodus, the weekend dominance of Scary Movie 4, and the end of Grind House. But, more importantly, we've narrowed down the options for our new name, and we want you to vote. Note that some of the submissions we received were great, but, unfortunately, were already in use by other sites. So let us know what you think, and we'll post your decisions later this week.

CNN: Cinematical News Network
- Suggested by reader Proteus

Cinematicast - Suggested by reader Alex

Cinephilia - Suggested by reader James P.

CINE:TV - Suggested by Karina, writer/host of this podcast

- Should we just keep the temp name? That's been thrown out by many including Randall, the producer/editor of this podcast.

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Karina Longworth

Randall Bennett

Love as Laughter - I'm a bee

5:08, 29 MB, MPEG4 (iPod / PSP compatible)

00:00 - Hollywood backlots no longer center of the film universe
03:00 - Robert Rodriguez rumor mill churning: Why did Grind House grind to a halt?
05:23 - Scary Movie 4 wins the box office, with fart jokes and Carmen Electra in tow