Odds and ends to brighten/darken/muddle your Tax Day:
  • Continuing the trend of completely illogical movies making the transition to the stage, a musical version of Finding Nemo is in the works. (And I mean really in the works. There are sets being built.) The fact that the movie takes place almost entirely underwater will, I'm sure, not be a problem at all. And there's no need for concern -- according to Disney representatives, the show will be a "dazzling production that combines puppets, dancers, acrobats and animated backdrops." So there. It opens later this year at Disney's Animal Kingdom -- get those plane tickets now. [via Luxo]
  • Barrie Osborne (who produced the Lord of the Rings series, among copious other films) is already in talks to make a movie about the life of Korean director Shin Sang-ok, whose death we reported last week. While this seems to be happening obscenely fast, the real question is why it's taken this long -- I  mean, the guy was kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il, for the love of God. To make movies for him! Variety reports that Osborne got Shin's approval to make a biopic several years ago, but the production obviously failed to movie ahead at the time.
  • Disney has pushed black the release date for Mel Gibson's latest obscure foreign language epic, Apocalypto, from August to December of this year. While the company insists the change is due to some ever-popular production delays (the weather has been bad, apparently), the move conveniently changes the film's competition from The Ant Bully, which is likely to open big just because parents will take their kids, and potential box office bonanza Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to We Are Marshall (mmm ... movies about tragic, real-life events) and The Holiday, which I know nothing about, apart from the fact that it apparently involves Jude Law. God bless production delays.
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