Just in case you aren't already entirely tired of the "Got Milk?" slogan, there is a handy new movie tie-in for the latest version. You may or may not have milk, but Superman (in the person of Brandon Routh) certainly has, and he's loving it. It cleverly suggests milk makes you feel "Super," and reminds you that "even if you aren't from Krypton (tm) you can still have bones of steel!"* The ad features in the newest issue of Blender magazine, in case you want to run out and grab yourself a copy of this picture to treasure forever. You can frame it and hang it on your wall ... and any time you feel sad, you can read it and feel better because hey, at least you aren't the guy who has to keep coming up with ways to make "got milk?" seem clever.

*Okay, I'll admit -- the Super thing is way to obvious and disingenuous, but the "bones of steel" bit actually made me chuckle in a sad, superior way.
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