In Brasília 18%, Olavo Bilac (Carlos Alberto Riccelli), a well-known coroner mourning his recently-deceased wife, is flown from Los Angeles to Brasilia in order to speak the final, authoritative word on a suspected murder. Just before the plane touches down, it climbs steeply and abruptly, which terrifies Bilac. Suddenly, in place of the stewardess who has been forced by the climb to sit down next to him, there appears a nude blonde woman -- his dead wife -- who comforts him, and tells him not to be afraid. This is not the last naked, imaginary woman we will see, though her appearance is by far the most logical.

One the plane safely lands in Brasilia, Bilac is greeted by his sister and her husband, a government functionary who is responsible for Bilac's presence in Brazil. His only task is to confirm the identity of a body, widely assumed to be that of Eugenia Camara (Karine Carvalho), a clever, possibly wildly promiscuous young government aide who had reportedly been asking unwelcome questions about the budget. It is believed that her jealous boyfriend killed her after seeing her take part in a night of wild sex with strangers, and the powers-that-be would very much like this to the official finding.