In February, Darren Aronofsky and Eric Watson's Protozoa Pictures production company signed a first-look production deal with Universal Studios. This weekend, the happy couple annouced the birth of their first child, a supernatural horror project currently going by the name The Hunt. The story (at least according to Sci Fi Wire) revolves around a character known as "the world's greatest hunter" who sets out to challenge himself by capturing the ultimate target -- the devil. SekretAgent Productions' Dooma Wendschuh and Corey May will produce the film with Aronofsky and Watson.

It'll be interesting to see how the devil is depicted in this film. Will he be more beast-like, due to the whole hunter-prey concept, or will he be the sneaky, conniving, Prince of Lies mastermind? Both have merit as an interesting 'prey,' at any rate.
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