As Erik reported earlier this month, 24 (The Movie) is really, truly happening. According to Kiefer Sutherland, however, the time-line situation is going to be handled slightly differently than the "little chunks of real time but with gaps for fun trips to faraway lands" approach that the show's creator/executive producer Joel Surrow laid out for Rush Limbaugh less than two weeks ago. Talking to MTV (More reliable source: MTV or Rush? You decide.), Sutherland said that in fact the movie(s) will totally dispense with the show's real-time gimmick, and instead cover a full day over the course of the film. So, the day-length story element will be maintained, but that's it -- beyond that, it's going to be a normal action movie, except with Jack Bauer saving the world. Again.

Other details Sutherland offered were confirmation that the movie will be shot during the show's summer break in 2007 (the script is currently "in development"), and the fact that he thinks the movie(s) and TV show can successfully pursue two totally different story lines and still be successful. Hmm. Me, I wonder about that one -- if in the movie, Jack accidentally, say, tears his ACL, but is running around on the TV with no limping or surgery? That'd be sort of hard to accept. Or, sports injuries aside, what if someone DIES (I know it's a long shot, since things are usually so safe on 24, but just go with it) in the movie? Are we supposed to just accept them wandering by on TV? Or am I overthinking this?
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