Here's one from deep in the files of "Dear God, please let this never happen," although I already envision an army of rabid fanboys beating a path to my door to kill me for saying that. The story comes from the Japanese magazine called Animage, who report Fox has claimed the rights to Sailor Moon, and hopes to make a live-action, English langauage version of the popular story. And that's not all! The magazine further reports Fox's desire to enlist the writing/directing talents of geek kingpin Joss Whedon, and the acting ... erhem ... talents of Lindsay Lohan, presumably for the title character.

Now I know a lot of you out there are excited by the idea of Lindsay Lohan in a magical school-girl costume, and I know you are already enraged at the idea of anyone suggesting it shouldn't happen, so please don't destroy me in your righteous fanboy wrath. Frankly, I just think there are a dozen or so other anime titles I'd much rather see on the silver screen before Sailor Moon. I don't have anything against it, per se, I just wouldn't put it on the top of the list if we're talking about anime being turned into American film.

[via comics to film]
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