Assuming that he actually wanted to be working, the post-Friends years have been a little tough on Matthew Perry. Sure, everybody hates Joey, but at least Matt LeBlanc has a job. And Jennifer Aniston's had a personal issues from time to time, but the girl is all over the place -- hell, she's in a new movie every 20 minutes. Good news is here, though, for your Chandler fans: Perry has a job. He'll star in an indie comedy called Numb, in which his character "suffers from acute depersonalization disorder." What's that? I have no idea. And neither, sadly, do the folks at The Hollywood Reporter, who describe it as "so alienating and sanguine that it makes the chronically depressed look perky." Since sanguine, according to my handy-dandy dictionary, means "cheerfully optimistic," that has to be just plain wrong. I'm having a hard time figuring out, for example, how a)a disorder can be optimistic, and b)how said disorder could make depressed people look "perky," what with the optimism and all. (Here's an actual, "sanguine"-free description. Suffice to say that it's really, really horrible.)

In Numb, Perry's miserable character falls in love and, in need of a clever gimmick to sell the movie, decides to "puts himself through every single therapy in the book in order to win her love." I assume I'm not the only one who noticed that this is about two steps away from something that would happen to Chandler -- which, actually, might be a good sign for the movie. Hey, when you have to eat, typecasting isn't that bad. (Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker.)

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