Hey, alright! Now that all the excitement about Big Momma's House 2 and Madea's Family Reunion has worn off, I've really been itching for another movie in which the star is in drag. And now, thanks to Eddie Murphy, there's one on the way. Thank goodness, huh? His effort is called Norbit, and offers the added wrinkle of the non-drag Eddie marrying the drag version. That's right: the hilarity never stops. According to Variety's summary, Norbit (that's Murphy #1) is "a meek guy," who is somehow forced to marry "a monstrous woman" (Eddie #2) just before, wouldn't you know it, he meets the woman of his dreams. Damn that luck.

Norbit's dream girl will be played by Thandie Newton, so despite the monstrous wife, he does appear to have some taste. Also just added to the cast were Eddie Griffin, who will play a retired pimp (The word "retired" makes it sounds so official, like he's actually getting social security checks and everything.), box office poison Cuba Gooding, in the role of Newton's boyfriend, and Terry Crews, who will play one of Norbit's in-laws.

The movie is shooting right now in LA; release is scheduled for some time in 2007.
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