There's some relatively smart corporate humor in Kill Your Darlings, the debut feature from Björne Larson, whose first short, To Kill a Child, premiered at Tribeca three years ago. Most of what's good about the film involves John Larroquette, who is given an opportunity to deliver a slightly more layered performance than usual as Dr. Bangley, a celebrishrink (think Dr. Phil with an Ivy League sheen) launching a book and reality show based on his controversial work with suicide survivors, called Stay Alive – and Enjoy the Ride! , and Greg Germann recycles the best of the sleaziness he perfected on Ally MacBeal as Bangley's media consultant. As the befuddled figurehead of a media train gone off the rails, Larroquette nicely underplays an ambivalence between family values and fame, whilst Germann's reptilian efficiency hits the perfect note of nonchalance.

It's too bad that Kill Your Darlings isn't really about these characters, because most of the 70% of the film not involving them is nearly unwatchable.