According to Variety, as soon as Renée Zellweger finishes filming Miss Potter, she'll trade the nice world of bunnies and children's fiction for a much darker, scarier one: that of social work. Ah! Run away! Oh all right, so social work isn't ALWAYS scary. In the case of Zellweger's Case 39, though, it is. Trust me. She plays a social worker, see, who does her job [insert comment about the difference between her chracter and New York City social workers here] and removes an abused girl from the home of her parents. It turns out, however, that "the parents are not the real problem." Now, if this movie wasn't being described as a "horror-thriller," I'd assume that meant that teachers, or neighbors, or other relatives were involved. In this case, though, I think it's safe to assume that the problem ain't a human one. Seriously though -- how the hell is she supposed to deal with abusive ghosts?! As if social work isn't hard enough already, now she's supposed to be protecting a kid from things that aren't there?

The movie is scheduled to start shooting in July; one hopes Paramount can track down a director by then, otherwise Renee, the kid and her ghosts are going to be doing a whole lot of waiting. (Actually, maybe that's not such a bad idea -- it could give Zellweger time to eat something.)
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