Since Silent Hill will soon become the 439th film of past six months that was not screened for critics, we're all going to have to get our pre-release glimpses of it from unconventional sources (mmm ... the internet). Happily, at least for people who want to see the movie, the first 10 minutes -- once aired on MTV, apparently -- have shown up online, so you can at least get a sense of the film's tone. As you might expect, I'm afraid to watch it, but based on deeply creepy (yet not cheesy) previews and the presence of star Deborah Kara Unger and writer Roger Avary (not to mention the absence of Mr. Uwe Boll), Silent Hill seems to have lot more going for it than most video game movies.

The movie hits theaters this weekend, so even if you're too lazy to sit and watch the clip, you still haven't got long to wait.

[via Movies Online]