Infinity Media, the company behind last year's based-on-a-true-story success, Capote, have snatched up some more true-life rights in the hope that lightening will strike twice. The story they've acquired is Winalota Cash, which dramatizes the experiences of "the first African-Americans to own the winning quarter horse in the All American Futurity." (The horse's name, by the way, was Winalota Cash. Brilliant!) According to Variety, the horse's owners had to fight to get him in the race, borrowing the entrance feel, turning down an offer to buy, and dealing with generalized racism from other "horsemen." (And yeah, this happened in 1995. Just makes you proud to be an American, huh?) Their struggles were justified when the horse kicked the asses of the entire field, and set a track record in the process. Man alive -- how on earth did a this story (Triumph over racism! Little guy ending up on top!) take 10 years to make it to Hollywood?

There's no word from Infinity yet about their timetable for the film, but the script is already written.
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