Bits and pieces for Thursday:
  • Remember the Jason McElwain? The autistic kid who'd spent two years as a basketball manager, so the coach let him dress for a game his senior year? And he came out raining threes to the delight of his teammates, the fans, and the entire world? Well, we mentioned shortly after the game that his family was being courted by multiple drooling studios -- and now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner: Columbia gets to make the Jason McElwain movie.
  • Curse that scientologist baby! Tom Cruise was supposed to head off today on a world-wide publicity voyage to promote Mission: Impossible III (which, let's face it, no one will even know exists if he doesn't go talk it up), but the arrival of little Suri is screwing everything up. Cruise has canceled a junket scheduled for LA today, and upcoming stops (including Paris, London, and Rome) are very much up in the air. Katie, if this movie flops, you are in such huge trouble. Couldn't you cross your legs for a few weeks, or something?
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