According to Production Weekly, the great Alan Rickman will star alongside Kristin Scott Thomas in a screen adaptation of Piers Paul Read's psychological drama, The Villa Golitsyn. The novel sounds incredibly complex and warped, which is just the sort of thing you might expect from director Peter Medak on his best days (The Krays being the shining example of those times). Apparently Rickman's character, Willy Ludley (Yikes. Is any man on earth less fitted to the name "Willy" than Rickman?) is drinking himself to death with his lovely wife (Priscilla, played by Thomas) by his side. He also might be some sort of war criminal, which is what old pal Simon (not yet cast) has come to find out. The three are joint in the Ludleys' French villa by an assortment of other characters, "and as events lead to a startling and incredible revelation, there is nothing that any of them can do to avert the awaiting tragedy." Great, yet another book I'm going to buy because of this job.

The movie will have a two-month shoot this summer, starting in June, and will hopefully show up in theaters on this side of the ocean sometime in early 2007.
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