Talk about inevitable: Mamma Mia!, the wildly-popular ABBA stage musical, is coming to the big screen. According to Variety, Judy Craymer, the show's producer, has been approached about movie rights several times over the past few years, but she's always refused to make a deal. This time, though, Tom Hanks worked his pasty magic, and convinced her to sign on with his Playtone Productions. Craymer apparently liked Playtone's pitch, and was also very impressed with how successfully the company -- whose executives, in addition to Hanks, including his wife Rita Wilson and partner Gary Goetzman -- took My Big Fat Greek Wedding from stage to screen.

For the six of us who have not yet seen Mamma Mia!, the plot is as follows: a girl is raises on a Greek island, not knowing who her father is. She invites three likely dads to her wedding, and singing and dancing ensue. If that doesn't sound appealing, read it again, but this time hum Dancing Queen while you do so. Gets better, doesn't it?

The hope is that, with financing from Universal, the movie will be in theaters in 2007.
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