There is no denying that front-line soldiers are the pawns of war. That doesn't mean that they should be discarded once their service is finished. With a sterling silver chess set, the different pieces may have separate tactical worth, but physically they are all made from an equally valuable substance. The same goes for human beings, right?

Unfortunately, many soldiers are coming back and treated like they're made of garbage, as shown in the documentary When I Came Home. The film presents a history-repeated by featuring homeless Vietnam veterans and then concentrating on a homeless Iraqi vet named Herold Noel. Though diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Herold is unable to get much assistance from the government, yet because of the diagnosis he is unable to find work. As he waits impatiently for services he's rightfully due but unjustly not receiving, he is urged by an organization to make some noise in the media.