The good news for James Gunn is that moviegoers and critics alike seem to have really enjoyed his little Slither flick. The bad news is that the movie, ahem, kinda, well, stumbled out of the box office gates upon its big-screen debut. (In its first 19 days of release, Slither has grossed less than $8 million.) But that's not slowing this guy down. Mr. Gunn's next feature will be (you guessed it) a horror movie that, in the filmmaker's own words, "has a little bit to do with Satan."

Tentatively titled Scratch, Gunn's next baby is not yet attached to a studio, but that's just the way he seems to like it. "I’m just writing it. I’m doing exactly what I did the last couple times, which is write it and then go out," JG told Now Playing, "because the thing is I like making movies. I like going out and getting them made. What happens when you get attached to a studio beforehand, you can end up in development hell."

But what is Scratch actually about? The husband of Jenna Fischer had this to say: "I love creepy kids and I love bad pregnancies. Those are my two favorite things so this one has both in spades."

Anyone else out there think James Gunn and Eli Roth would make one hell of a horror team?

(By the way, Gunn and his lovely Mrs. put together a really funny indie called LolliLove, and I highly recommend you give it a rental.)
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