Apparently untroubled by how deeply annoying the once-adorable Lindsay Lohan has become, Hollywood is casting her right and left. Just off her work with the legendary Robert Altman in A Prairie Home Companion, in which Oscar winner Meryl Streep plays her mother, La Lohan has scored herself another award-winning mom in the form of Felicity Huffman. The two have signed on to costar in Georgia Rule, which Garry Marshall will write, direct and produce for Morgan Creek. In the film, Lohan plays a rebellious young woman (a role that will be a true test of her acting chops) who so exasperates momma Huffman that she's sent off to spend the summer with grandma, who will be played by none other than officially back-in-the-game Jane Fonda.

Very little about this project is yet official, but if financing falls into place and all the personnel work out as expected, there are hopes for a summer shoot.
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