Thursday's odds and ends:
  • Laurence Fishburne has agreed to star in Prey, an indie film that sounds very much like someone saw Misery again recently, and decided that the story was too good not to steal. In the movie, Fishburne's character "sets out on a solo hunting expedition in the middle of winter and severely injures his leg. He is rescued by a mysterious trapper with secretly sinister intentions." Dun dun dun! James Marsh is directing; production begins this fall.
  • Apparently Silent Hill agreed with Roger Avary -- he's signed on to write (and direct, this time) another video game adaptation, this one of a game called Driver. If, like me, you know nothing about this game, The Guardian educates us with the news that it "[centers] on an undercover cop posing as a getaway driver who is put through his paces during a tough heist." When this project was originally announced two years ago, Michael Madsen was going to play the cop; whether he's still involved or not is anyone's guess.
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