So now that everyone's had a full day or two to get their Hostel DVD, we can focus on what's really of paramount interest to all involved parties: Hostel 2. Click through just about any DVD or movie site and you'll probably find a recent interview with effusive young horror guru Eli Roth, and it seems he's just raring to go on his quick-turnaround follow-up.

He hasn't actually sat down and penned the sequel's script yet, but that hardly seems to be a hurdle: "I have all these different scenes and all these different deaths and different tortures and I’ve just got to sit down and put them all together now." (Some say "ick." I say  "cool!") After Hostel 2, Roth will move on to direct an adaptation of Stephen King's Cell for Dimension, a project he recently shared a few thoughts on ... the final one being, "So the eyeball’s hanging out and flesh from people’s faces [is] ripped off and they’ll just still keep running and trying to kill people." (Again, "cool!")

The director's mega-busy-ness has thrown a wrench into his planned remake of The Bad Seed: "I mean, I went into Warner Bros. and I said, ‘I want to kill more kids than Schindler’s List.’ And they were like, ‘Okay, all right.’" (Dude even likes kiddie horror!)

And to those who simply can't get enough of this fan-favorite nutcase, be sure to double-check your Hostel DVD. Roth shows up on four (!) separate commentary tracks!
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