Today's "comic book title going to the silver screen" story comes to you from the folks over at DC Comics yet again, as DC seems to be in a mad rush to catch up with Marvel in the movie titles announced category. Last week it was Metal Men and Shazam (both of which I am very excited about); this week it's Sgt. Rock. This title has been rumored to be in development for roughly four hundred years, but it seems as though action is finally happening, as a writer -- John Cox -- has been officially hired to write the screenplay. Don't hold your breath yet, Rock fans, because Cox represents at least the fifth writer to make such an attempt. Who knows, though, perhaps this will be the magic moment. Hope springs eternal, and whatnot.

I've always been a fan of the Sarge and Easy Company, despite his convoluted back story and even more convoluted present. The books told a good war story, the characters were likable, and Rock hails from the Pittsburgh PA area, just like yours truly, where he was a steel worker -- a profession very familiar to previous generations of my family. No word yet on those old "Bruce Willis as Rock" rumors from a few years back.
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