Did any of you know that there is such a thing as World Wresting Entertainment Films?! And that they've already got one movie in the can, and two others in the works? Christ, I had NO idea. As created by WWE overlord Vince McMahon, WWE Films have the stated purpose of creating vehicles for WWE wrestlers (oddly, they had nothing to do with Blade: Trinity, which starred a guy named Triple H), and will fully finance all projects as long as distribution is arranged before production begins.

Their first effort, a horror film called See No Evil, is due out May 19 and stars a large man called Kane; it's being distributed by Lionsgate, which also just agreed to handle WWE Film's newest project, The Condemned. Scheduled to begin shooting in a couple of weeks, the movie is another in the legion of titles that work off the Most Dangerous Game/Running Man evil-guy-hunting-humans riff. This one stars Steve Austin as a Stone Cold death row inmate who is "'purchased' by a wealthy TV producer, who pits him and nine other condemned men in a battle to the death." Vinnie Jones (soccer player, not wrestler) also stars, hopefully as the evil producer.

This is all The Rock's fault, isn't it?
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