With the recent arrival of its executive producers, Chilean horror film The Call of the Sea sudden has a much higher profile. The trades are reporting this morning that Mexican master of the creepy, Guillermo del Toro (I know I'm the only one who feels this way, but I'm still totally obsessed with the low-key brilliance of Mimic), and Chilean actress Leonor Varela (who also stars) will both executive produce the movie, the third effort from director Jorge Olguín.

Written by Olguín, the film "is based on a legend about a ghost ship that navigates the cold waters of a mysterious Chilean island in search of the souls of local fisherman." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Varela will play a New England-based marine biologist (the movie will feature a mix of English and Spanish dialogue) who discovers that the story has a connection to her family and travels to the island in search of answers. Needless to say, at some point she will run into something unexpected and be really, really scared. Santiago Cabrera also stars in the film which, with a budget of about $2 million, will be one of the most expensive productions ever staged in Chile.
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