Odds and ends for Friday:
  • The internets have been buzzing for the last 24 hours with word that Angelina Joliehas agreed to star in Tomb Raider 3. According to reports in UK tabloid The Daily Express, Paramount has option the third film and Jolie has signed on -- she's even "already in training to make sure she gets rid of her post-pregnancy bulge." (Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't that bulge known as a baby at this point?)
  • As Karina mentioned in today's podcast, Focus Features has picked up the North American distribution rights (as well as those to New Zealand and Australia) to Woody Allen'sScoop. Set in London, Allen's new favorite-est city EVER, the movie stars Hugh Jackman and the inescapable (trust me, I've tried) Scarlett Johansson, and involves a young American student journalist -- one guess who that is -- stumbling upon both a scoop and a romance while studying abroad. Focus plans to have the film in theaters in the US this summer.
  • Columbia has snapped up a comedy pitch from Alex Sabeti entitled The Art of Cool, about a boy who uses Sun Tzu's The Art of Waras "a template for how to approach surviving the social politics of high school." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fact that Michael Ovitz has apparently given everyone in the industry a copy of Sun Tzu's book has made it a running joke for many including Sabeti, who laughed about it for years before he decided to turn the book into the root of his first script. Whatever its source the story must be really, really funny -- Columbia spent over $500,000 on it.
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