At long last (well, not really, but it still sounds good), it look as if Ron Howard is going to direct his daughter in a major role on the big screen (sorry, I'm not counting her appearances in Apollo 13 and Parenthood). Howard's partner Brian Grazer will produce The Look of Real for Imagine Entertainment, and Howard is confirmed to direct from a script by the great Winnie Holzman, who will be revered forever in some circles (read: my apartment) for creating and writing for My So-Called Life. The involvement of Bryce Dallas Howard, however, is unconfirmed -- according to Variety, Howard is "hoping" his daughter will star. Since the hopes of most directors aren't reported in the media, I'm guessing that in this case, the hopes indicate that negotiations are underway, and schedules are being examined.

The film is about "a group of young women in the garment industry," which sort of sounds more like a (potentially good) reality show than a movie. Howard and Grazer have already seen Holzman's first draft, and she's working on the changes they recommended now; the movie is one of very few that Howard is choosing between for his next project.
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