One reason why I bought a multiregion DVD player last year was because Double Indemnity had been released on DVD overseas, but was not available in this country. Universal was entangled in a DVD rights dispute over the 1944 noir classic, and no one could tell when the situation might be resolved.Last year, rumors surfaced that the movie would be released as part of a Universal noir boxed set, but Double Indemnity remained disappointingly absent.

But the wait is finally drawing to a close: Universal has announced that a two-disc edition of the movie will be released on August 26. No news yet on extra features, but I don't care as long as the transfer is good. After all, it's not as though they can include audio commentary from writer/director Billy Wilder, co-screenwriter Raymond Chandler, or novelist James M. Cain. Sadly, none of the principals involved with the film are still alive. I suppose someone could interview Lawrence Kasdan, who reworked the story in 1981 as Body Heat, but I don't find the prospect appealing.
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