Yes, it happened again -- a big horror film wasn't screened for critics. Is anyone surprised? I think I'm going to start mentioning this phenomenon only when studios have the balls to screen something they think critics might not dig, because at this point, that's much more notable than another film being hidden. American Dreamz and The Sentinel were offered to critics, and their conclusions, in sum, are that Tony Yalda is a genius (Paul Weitz not so much), and that The Sentinel is either thrilling and riveting or it's not. Details and copious links follow.
If you're looking for a few words on the absent Silent Hill, our own Scott Weinberg shelled out his hard-earned cash to see it, and rushed home to write a review. Essentially, if you're a horror nerd like Scott, you'll like it -- there's not much substance, but it's creepy and visually stunning.