You would not BELIEVE all the stuff that Pixar has been doing to promote Cars -- animation and Pixar blogs have new lists of advertising material, web features, and pre-release events virtually every day, and the movie doesn't even come out until June! (Despite the fact that the previews make it looks frighteningly bad, an animator friend of mine has seen the movie and swears that it's just as mind-blowing as Pixar productions are supposed to be. I'm trying hard to take him at his word.)

The latest bit of promotion comes in a form that you get to buy. Yay! Entitled The Art of Cars cost $40, and is a hard-backed book full of "sketches, storyboards, photographs and paintings" that were instrumental in the development of the film. While on one hand this is just a shameless way to take money out of the wallets of Pixar addicts, the Pixar show at MoMA was so visually stunning that I gotta say there are worse things you could have on your shelf than160 pages of animated loveliness.
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