Well-aware that both theatrical and legitimate DVD sales in China are badly damaged by the piracy that makes new films widely available for just a few dollars, Warner Home Video is trying something revolution in that country. Instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to track down and stop the pirates, WHV is going to undersell them: in an experimental move, they're offering The Aviator in simple, cardboard packaging for the Low, Low Price! of $1.50. Yes, you read that right, a legal DVD for less than $2.

I realize that it's hard to see the good idea here through our collective rage at having to pay $20 or so for a disc that can apparently be sold for profit at $1.50, but one has to give them credit for trying something new. It'll be interesting to see if this has any effect on sales, or if people just keep buying pirated discs -- at this point, Warner representatives in China say it's too early to tell.

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