Writer/director/actor Hart Bochner (best-known, if he's know at all, as the director of PCU), who last stepped behind the camera ten years ago, is returning to direction with an indie comedy called One Part Sugar. The film focuses on a trio of characters, to be played by Danny DeVito, Justin Long, and Nip/Tuck'sDylan Walsh. (Now remember when you read the summary, that in the movie, it's going to be funny. Try not to get depressed about it like I did.) Walsh's character has lived in his small hometown his whole life, apparently entirely because he thinks that, by staying there, he will have a chance of "reuniting with an unrequited love from his childhood." (Remember -- funny! Not really, really sad.) Long, meanwhile, plays the town's drug lord/real estate mogul who finds his gig(s) threatened when a mysterious stranger (DeVito) shows up "with hopes of revitalizing the town." Hmm. Does that last bit sound Music Man-ish to anyone else?
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