DreamWorks has snatched up the remake rights to French director Francis Veber's La Doublure -- released only a month ago in France -- and signed Bobby and Peter Farrelly to direct said remake, which will be called The Valet. The film, not surprisingly, is a comedy about "a hapless valet who is captured in a photo of a fight between a Donald Trump-type mogul and his mistress, leading to all sorts of comedic entanglements." The main "entanglement" is that the valet is asked to "shack up" with the mistress -- something about giving the mogul a reason to get a divorce. (Variety's review is here, if you want to try to figure it out for yourself.) I'm just guessing here, but I'll bet you that someone ends up falling in love, despite class differences and awkward circumstances.

Based on reviews I've read, Veber's reputation is that he makes proverbial comedies with heart, and French audiences tend to dig them. American audiences, though we probably don't know it, have seen a few of his films as well -- remade, of course. The Birdcage, Father's Day, and Three Fugitives were all based on his comedies, and DreamWorks is fervently hoping The Valet makes Birdcage-style profits.

The movie has just been set to a writer, so it will be a while before we see how this newest Veber-rehash works out.
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