Look out, it's the attack of the not-quite-undead TV stars! According to this morning's Hollywood Reporter, Chris Kattan (who, technically, is an ex-TV star) and James Denton (AKA Mysterious Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives) have signed on to star in Wanted: Undead or Alive, an indie comedy western, which is a genre you don't see every day. In the film, the duo will play cowboys (hence the "western" part of the description) who, along with an Indian girl, are on the run -- in a funny way -- from an evil sheriff whose henchmen are all zombies.

The film was written and will be directed by someone named Glasgow Phillips who, despite never having directed before, has an incredibly cool name. His only writing experience was on the short-lived Father of the Pride TV series, but he seems to be friends with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, which never hurt anybody.

The film begins shooting next month in Sante Fe.
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