In a little over a week, Mission Impossible 3 will crash-land in theaters marking the official start of the summer blockbuster season. Why are you not excited about this? C'mon, it's summer! It's time to escape the heat and cool down in front of a film that cost more money than you or anyone you know will ever see in their entire life. What's NOT fun about that?

While some feel this year's crop of popcorn flicks are a bit smarter than previous years, like with every summer, we're bound to walk away from it sad, lonely and depressed because that one film we were anticipating so much left an awfully sour taste in our mouths. Last year, Michael Bay'sThe Island tanked, despite its gigantic budget. And, even though it made a killing at the box office, some felt Steven Spielberg'sWar of the Worlds just wasn't up to par.

This year, it's completely up in the air. Personally, I don't have a very good feeling about Superman Returns. Sure, you can throw a ton of good buzz my way, claim Brandon Routh will revive the Man of Steel in a way that would make Christopher Reeve proud and tell me Bryan Singer made a good choice when he stepped away from theX-Men series -- but it just doesn't feel right. I'm calling it now -- this film will disappoint.

So, that leaves me wondering: Which summer blockbuster do you feel will turn out to be the most disappointing?

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