It's probably not too much of a stretch to suggest that, at some point over the past five years, everyone on both ends of the political spectrum has fervently wished that Michael Moore would PLEASE shut up, if only for a few minutes. The problem, though, now that he has, is that his opponents have nothing to do, and just might be forced out of business.

Theoretically busy working on Sicko, his forthcoming expose of the health care industry, Moore seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Apart from signing the letter of protest that went out last week asking the Smithsonian Institution to reconsider its agreement with Showtime, the man has been uncharacteristically quiet -- according to Variety, the New York Times struck out recently when it tried to write a story about what Moore is up to, because they couldn't find him. Additionally, Sicko, initially scheduled for a September open, isn't listed on the Weinstein Company's current release calendar. Hmm. Wherever he is, the people at are start to wish he'd start saying stuff they disagree with again, because with no Moore watching to be done, no one is visiting the site, and they're in danger of going under. I bet they never imaged they'd one day be wishing for (ready?) even more Moore.

Oh, and if anyone's seen him? Please let us know -- this is just getting weird.
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