One of the less noticed rumor mills tending to surround the Harry Potterfilm franchise is the "who is going to write the musical score" question which first popped up when John Williams left after the third film. The current Potter film is keeping up the proud tradition of a new director, and Mr. David Yates has clamped down on the recent speculation regarding his composer by announcing the position will be filled by his long time friend Nicholas Hooper. Now, I'm not really a composer guy -- I tend only to recognize the big names -- but Cinescape has a bit to say on the guy, if you are curious. Apparently, work on the score will not begin for months and months (likely into 2007 before real work starts), so you can continue on with your crazy rumors in the meantime if you like; but it seems as though the composer issue is going to go much smoother this time around.
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