The male equivalent to the lead role in Wonder Woman seems to be that of the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Batman sequel. Nearly every actor even remotely decent for the part has been rumored to be in the mix, from Paul Bettany to Johnny Depp to Robin Williams. The new word on the street is actually a redux of some old words on the street, and it comes to us via the incredibly well connected folks over at Batman on Film. According to BoF, Hugo Weaving's name has begun resurfacing again. Weaving was an early favorite of the rumor mill, but disappeared pretty quickly in the flurry of names which soon followed.

While Weaving is certainly a talented and accomplished actor, I still like the idea of going with a slightly younger Joker. It is obviously an origins story, with the character showing up for the first time in Gotham, so it makes sense to me to cast a younger man for the role.
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