Ain't it Cool News just scored an in-person meeting with Michael "the Clonus Horror" Bay, director of 80's nostalgia flick, Transformers. And while the first thing Bay said was "I'm not telling you any of the story," he did share some interesting facts about his work on the film. You can read all about the character models and whatnot over here -- some of it is interesting, most notably that Optimus Prime will be a "mac truck" in his non-humanoid form. What I found the most intriguing in the light interview was Bay's professed interest in auditioning the original voice actors from the classic Transformers -- both Autobots and Decepticons. He's not committed to casting them, however, only to giving them a listen. Apparently, he is (understandably) worried about how much their voices have altered over the years.

I continue to be simultaneously excited for and fearful of this flick. I desperately want it to be awesome -- but memories of the hatchet job which was The Islandloom large in my mind. After watching Michael Bay steal wholesale from the plot of an already terrible flick from the late 70's I simply can't trust the man to do anything even remotely related to awesome.
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