Reporting the casting news on an Ocean's Eleven sequel is pretty much a full-time job, but we can handle it. Not long after learing that Julia and Catherine were out and that Ellen Barkin was in (and also that George Clooney apparently has a soft spot for Ali G), we now hear reliable reports that the surprisingly diminutive Al Pacino has been cast as a casino owner in Ocean's Thirteen. (I saw him at a film festival once, and he's actually kinda tiny!)

Definitely returning for a third heist-fest are Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Mac, Cheadle, and Garcia. Toss Pacino and Barkin into the mix and you've got almost half the cast you'll need for a new Ocean adventure. Variety reports that the always-busy Steven Soderbergh plans to begin shooting Thirteen on July 21st, in and around such dazzling locations as Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but also that plot details are being kept under wraps. (Clooney's also switching screenwriters again; Ocean's Eleven was written by Ted (Matchstick Men) Griffin; Ocean's Twelve by George (The Sentinel) Nolfi; the third is presently being written by the successful duo of Koppelman & Livien, best known for Rounders -- although they also wrote Walking Tall, Knockaround Guys, and Runaway Jury.)

Expect the inevitably star-studded Ocean's Thirteen to steal into movie theaters in summer of 2007.
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