Though my knee-jerk reaction when I hear the words "Wes Anderson" is still to get irritated (I'm sorry, I hated Rushmore. Sue me.), I quickly remember that I'm in the middle of crossing over from intense dislike into the dangerous world of possible fandom -- such, my friends, was the power of the lovely The Life Aquatic. Anyway, my point is that a few years ago, hearing that Anderson had made and starred in an ad for American Express would have sent me off into a fit of judgmental grumbling, about his ego and selling out and God only knows what else. Now, though, I actually managed to approach the thing with an open mind and, not surprisingly, I loved it.

As opposed to M. Night Shyamalan's egotistical, "Love me, love my movies!" Am Ex ad that aired during the Oscars, Anderson's offering is imbued with a wonderful, knowing sense of humor about both himself and movie-making. I don't want to spoil anything for you, so go check it out for yourselves (thank you, You Tube) -- everyone should shill with this much style.

[via Kottke]
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