It may not be a golden ticket leading to a life of chocolate and singing midgets, but Warner Brothers' home entertainment line is offering a special insert prize with a select line of specially marked DVDs. In a promotion for their upcoming hopeful summer blockbuster Superman Returns, WB will include "Movie Cash" stubs (redeemable for only the Film of Steel, of course) with their summer DVDs, apparently valued up to $10.50 -- presumably enough to cover the full price of a movie ticket in most locales.

From what I gather, these bucks may only be included with Superman-relatedtitles released in the second quarter -- a lot of titles, really, including everything from another season of Lois and Clark to the first volume of Krypto the Superdog. However, the wording in the three stories I've read about the release could certainly be interpreted to suggest the Cash will be included with all WB DVDs. If you've found a clearer explanation, please let us know.