Now this is a musical I would wait in line for. When I first read Nick Hornby'sHigh Fidelity, although I picked up on only half of his musical references (not my best subject), I fell in love with his writing, his characters and their world. Even the film version, which starred John Cusack and a relatively unknown (at the time) Jack Black, climbed its way onto one of my own top ten lists. Top ten movies of all time? Um, not so much. Top ten films starring John Cusack that I'd actually pay money to go see? Maybe ... although I'm not so sure I can even think of ten.

So, one can understand how very thrilled I am that High Fidelity is set to hit Broadway with a musical version this winter. I've always wondered when one of Hornby's books would become a musical. Seeing as how each of his novels practically sports its own kick-ass soundtrack, it leads one to wonder what the hell took so long. Perhaps Fidelity was/is the easiest of the bunch to adapt, being that it's the most recognizable and, well, is set in a record shop. Whatever the case may be, here's hoping they cast the right folks. Sorry Mr. Cusack, you're a bit past your prime for this one.

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