Odds and ends for Wednesday:

  • For some reason, I love words that feature the letter 'T' followed by the letter 'Z.' Not sure what it is, but don't be surprised if I wake up hungover one Sunday and you see the name Tzerik Davis next to one of these posts. Now that things are a bit awkward, director Géla Babluaniannounced he will remake his award-winning film 13Tzameti in English. Even after finding a ton of success at Sundance and Venice, Babluani probably realized if Americans are going to watch this film, it will have to come in color, with a side dish of (Insert hot A-List actor here.) Oh, and hold the subtitles.
  • Not in a million years had I ever considered placing the words Sarah Jessica Parker and "snuff film" within the same sentence. Wow, that was strange. The Sex in the City star has signed on to topline the thriller Vacancy for Screen Gems. Parker will play one half of a couple who check into a motel unaware that, not only are they being recorded, but they're also about to become participants in a snuff film. Please don't have her star opposite Matthew Broderick. That would be too, um, weird for me.
  • Phew! Tea Leoni is still working. And here I was formulating some sort of protest (Save Tea? Free Tea? Tea Who?) to help combat those keeping her off the screen. The actress, along with Ben Kingsley and Luke Wilson, has signed on to star in the mob-ish comedy You Kill Me for Code Entertainment. Pic will revolve around a hitman from Buffalo who is sent west to "dry out" and attend AA meetings. While there, he finds a job in a mortuary and befriends the relative of one of his victims. Also on-board are Dennis Farina and Bill Pullman. If Farina can churn out a Midnight Run-esque performance, then I'm on line for a ticket as we speak.